Final Expense | Burial Expense

A final expense life insurance policy is used to pay for burial expenses and funeral services when a loved one dies. This helps ease the financial burden placed on a family when a loved one dies.  Choose an amount you want to cover your funeral, burial, or cremation.  You can even leave extra for your beneficiaries as a gift.

We are licensed and contracted with several major carriers that allow us to find the right product based on your age and health.

Concerned you can’t get covered?  Call us.  We have plans for those with health concerns or have been declined by other carriers.

Call or chat with a live agent who will educate you on the different plan types and discuss options available for you in your state.  Our agents educate you so you can select the best option for yourself.

Whole Life Final Expense plans are designed to help provide affordable protection that pays benefits directly to the person/beneficiary you choose to take care of your outstanding medical bills, unexpected expenses or debt that you may leave behind. Funds may be used for final expenses and other purposes.

Whole Life – Covers you for your Whole Life as long as you make the premium payments.  There are other benefits to a Whole Life such as it builds cash value, you can borrow against it, and some offer living benefits.  It’s a great product that never expires so as you age you have peace of mind that you will always have something to protect your family.

Common Features

Your licensed agent can tell you which features are available by carrier in your state.

  • No medical exam – coverage is based on your answers to a few simple health questions
  • Premiums never increase
  • Benefits never decrease
  • Cannot be canceled for any reason as long as premiums are paid
  • Builds cash value that you may borrow against
  • Benefits paid to your beneficiary income tax free under current federal tax laws
  • Face amounts: $2,000-$40,000
  • Issue ages: 45-85
  • Level and Graded Benefit Plans available
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness
  • Nursing Home Confinement Rider available
  • Optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider

The information listed on this website is for informational purposes only.  Each carrier and state have different guidelines on what riders are available and the percentage that can be accelerated.  It’s important to discuss your policy with the carrier or a licensed agent for information that is specific to you and your state.